Secure Web Portal

For those clients who seek a secure online case tracking management system for IME services, only a registered user name and password is required. D&D Associates manages case referrals in accordance with each client’s unique work processes and security requirements. Referrals can be made by phone, fax, e-mail, electronic referral form or directly through our secure online web portal. Our service professionals will tailor IME services to meet your needs. Try our web portal as a guest user without registering.

Using the D&D Associates’ Web Portal, clients can:

  • Submit a new referral;
  • Upload medical records;
  • View case status;
  • Communicate securely about a referral;
  • Change, reschedule or cancel an appointment;
  • View notification letters; and
  • View the completed report.

Case management can be done online at your convenience with around-the-clock access.

Virtual Private Network

D&D Associates’ services are conducted on the most secure information technology platform in the IME industry. All communications transmitted and medical records submitted are housed in our private cloud-based network, not a public network. The network architecture has multiple firewalls and multi-layered encryption protocols.

Our infrastructure ensures that:

  • E-mail has TLS encryption which is bi-directional:
  • Data transfer between clients and the data center travels on MPLS which is comparable to a private road and is stored in secure multi-tenant data silos; and
  • Data-at-rest is encrypted with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 bit encryption.

Security and Mobility

Clients can manage their cases anywhere, anytime, at work, at home or on the road. Pro-active network monitoring including quarterly network penetration tests; annual business continuity and disaster recovery testing; and real-life disaster recovery execution ensures  network availability.

Physical Security

In D&D’s virtualized computing environment, data is stored remotely, in a private, cloud-based network, not on any local devices like desktops, laptops or tablets. Our physical asset security policy is as rigorous as our virtual asset policy: computers are locked down and secure biometric and key card are required to enter our hardened, co-located data centers. A visitor escort is obligatory.