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Primary source verification and monitoring 24/7


A Strict and Methodical Regimen

Our credentialed physicians and consulting professionals are vetted thoroughly, and their professionals status is monitored 24/7. We not only conduct primary source verification (PSV) of their credentials, but also re-credential every two years or earlier as needed. Clients have every assurance that the physician is in good standing professionally and legally.

Medical Specialties

D&D medical panel has representation in most specialties. The physicians on our panel often have multiple specialties and subspecialties to meet IME service needs. While no specialty is minor, we cover them all.

For a complete list of specialties click here.

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Physician Profile

We maintain detailed profiles of all the professionals on our expert medical panel. We insist that they are current and fully versed in their specialty, so the IME and peer review reports are informed based on current medical standards, protocols and diagnostics. Our Continuous Query service monitors their status 24/7.



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