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Independent expert evaluation leads to informed claim resolution.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Here are some of the reasons that workers’ compensation insurers contact us. Reviewers:

  • Determine if an injured worker is ready to return-to work;
  • Determine if a request should be certified;
  • Determine extent of a disability for a benefit award;
  • Evaluate a disability based on the AMA Impairment guidelines;
  • Need an impairment rating; and
  • Require a second opinion or “variance” IME or peer review.

Automotive Claims

Fortunately cars are safer, but accidents do occur. Insurers often require independent evaluation of automotive claims to determine the validity of an injury. Reviewers:

  • Address causality
  • Evaluate a claimant’s injury for severity;
  • Evaluate a claimant’s injury for legitimacy; and
  • Determine if a pre-existing injury exists and identify complications in light of the current injury.
  • Address treatment

Liability Claims

Liability evaluations can be requested as a result of any kind of accident. Our evaluations provide opinions on:

  • Causality
  • Apportionment
  • Return-to-work status
  • Daily living affected

Disability Claims

A disability IME determines if an individual is impaired, and the degree of impairment. The evaluator is focused on establishing the degree of functionality of which the individual is capable. The report addresses:

  • Apportionment
  • Return-to-work status
  • Daily living affected

Why clients choose D&D

D&D Associates has thirty years of experience delivering high quality IME services. Our independent reports provide the analysis and insight needed to make medically informed decisions for claims management. Any single attribute of our services makes us the vendor of choice for casualty insurers, third-party administrators, self-insured corporations, government agencies and legal counsel. When you combine all the attributes of our services, the rationale for choosing D&D Associates is obvious. Send us a referral today. Use our secure web portal as a guest user and see how simple it can be.


D&D services a range of clients

   • Automotive       
   • Disability
   • General Liability      
   • Workers’ Compensation

Government Agencies
Legal Firms
Self-Insured Corporations

Claims and Referrals

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